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Congratulations to Owen Jones and Michael O'Brien on their successful grading at the Leaf Academy on Saturday 25th June 2016

Michael was attempting his 2nd Kyu brown belt but after watching him work so hard during the grading and also proving that his technical ability was way beyond that expected from a 3kyu grade it was decided by overall majority of the panel that he should be awarded his 1st Kyu brown belt. In the history of North Dorset Karate this has never happened before and in all honesty, it probably never will again. The fact that he has been training for around 12 years and has been a 3rd Kyu brown belt for 4 years was taken into account. Most students would be looking at gaining their Black belt within about 6 years so it was felt that Michael deserved this jump forward. I know that he will soon be heading off to University but I really hope that he will continue to train somewhere in order to achieve his black belt. I hope that he will find a suitable club near his university and will also continue to train with us during the Term breaks.

Owen was taking the grade for his 3rd Dan black belt and apart from a few small mistakes in his Kata the rest of his grading was pretty much faultless, especially with regard to his level of fitness. Owen joined my club many years ago and has always worked really hard to improve his technical ability and his fitness levels. He constantly strives to improve his personal development and has proved this by starting his own Karate club and then training to become a personal fitness instructor. Owen had a lot of work to do throughout the grading and this was topped off by a heavy continuous sparring session against 6 senior grades, followed by point sparring against the same senior grades. He held his own and was determined not to give in, a really tough ending to his grading but he did really well and was applauded by all the students who had witnessed his efforts.

Both Michael and Owen displayed some exceptional pairs work and Kihons with perfect timing and distance. It was clear that they had spent a great deal of time practicing through their routines and it certainly paid off. I am very proud off what they achieved today and they are a credit to North Dorset Karate.





Unfortunately squad training sessions are to be cancelled until further notice. Our squad coach Dan Weiss is unable to continue with Karate due to injuries. I'm sure that all the squad members and instructors would like to wish Dan a full & speedy recovery. We would also like to thank him for all his hard work and the fun sessions he has provided over the past few months. I'm sure that all of the students will have learnt a great deal from the experience of working with such a charismatic & motivating instructor. Looking forward, it is hopeful that Sensei Shaun Lanham will be able to re-start the squad sessions under his instruction, possibly in September or October. Further details will be available as soon as a decision is made.



Our presentation party is approaching very quickly now with only just over 2 weeks to go.

I have not received a great deal of completed attendance slips yet so can I please remind you all to fill your forms out and return them to me as soon as possible. I need to have all the names and addresses handed in at the latest by one week before the party and there are limited spaces. The date for the party is Saturday 11th June 2016 from 7.30pm to midnight and will be held at Poole Ex-Servicemen's War Memorial Club. 66 North Road. Poole. BH14 0LY.

There will be a disco with a Female DJ, a raffle with some great prizes and I am hoping that most families will contribute towards the food by bringing along a small donation of various food. If you would like to know what food to bring, let me know and I will direct you to the person organising the food list. Trophies for students of the year from each of the clubs will be announced around 9pm. Hopefully this will be early enough for those of you with young children or those who need to leave early. Everyone else can stay and party right through to midnight if you can handle it. There will be a pay bar available throughout the evening with very reasonable club prices. Please support this event, It's what lots of you have asked for so I have aimed to please.



WKU Spring Invitational Championships

On Sunday 1st May 4 members of North Dorset Karate travelled to Western Super-Mare for the Spring invitational championships organised by the Western Karate Union. The competition was extremely busy with a huge amount of competitors but it was very well organised. unfortunately I didn't hear when my category was called out so I had to rush off, get changed and then straight on the Tatami. No time for a run through of my kata or even a warm up but never mind, I should have listened more carefully. Helen Simpson worked really hard in her Kumite category and was unlucky enough to receive at least three heavy punches to the face but this didn't deter Helen, she kept on plodding away to get some points. I think he ropponent should have been disqualified by the third heavy strike but the referee decided to actually award a point to her opponent on the first heavy punch. not sure what happened there but the referee's decision has to be final. Dan Weiss struggled to settle into the first round of his Kumite but still gave his opponent a good run for his money. Dan settled much better in his second fight and looked far more comfortable on the Tatami. I think he enjoyed that fight. Owen Jones was up against a very big opponent in his first fight and although he planted a lovely kick round his opponets back it was right on the bell and wasn't scored. The outcome would have been quite different if that score had counted but he still managed to secure his bronze medal in that category. Owen also did really well in the veterans kata and again he received another bronze medal. I had decided that it would be worth giving competition another go after being out of the circuit for over 12 years. i did much better than I expected to and I managed to get a Silver medal in the Veterans Kata. Well done to everyone from North Dorset Karate and also well done to the junior students from ISMAA who took part.



Please note that as from January 1st 2016 there will be a slight increase to the grading fees and this will be indicated on the grading slips. This is the first increase to the cost of a grading for over 5 years.

Later this year, possibly in April, it will also be necessary for me to increase the training fees slightly. Again this will be the first increase for many years and the training fees at North Dorset Karate will still be amongst the lowest in the South.


The North Dorset Karate Club was established in Blandford, Dorset in 1991. We teach the traditional stlye Martial Art known as Wado-Ryu. We have several fully qualified, highly experienced instructors who are all CRB Checked and fully insured to teach Karate to students of all ages from 6 years.

The North Dorset Karate Club website was created and is monitored by Chris Lewis, founder and chief instructor.



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