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The next club grading will be taking place at the Skinner Street United Reformed Church, Poole on Saturday 21st July from 3pm to 5pm. All students wishing to attempt the grading will need to complete the grading form that was sent to you by email and return it to me as soon as possible. You will also need to ensure that you have a current licence, which you will need to bring with you on the day.

Any students that do not quite feel ready for this grading can come along and take part for some extra experience. this will enable you to see exactly what you need to work on to get ready for the next grading. If you would like to come along and treat it as an extra training session you will also need to complete the form so that I know you will be there. Payment for the grading or the extra training session will need to be paid on the day.



Unfortunately I have had to make the difficult decision to close the club at the Branksome Centre on Monday evenings. The closure will take place at the end of April. I have tried my very best to keep this club open and I have carried out a lot of advertising but to no avail. Sometimes clubs work and sometimes not. Quite often the lack of students can be due to the particular night or the training times, or both. It's a real shame that this club has to close because I had visions of it being one of my busiest clubs eventually. I would also like to apologise to the students from Branksome for this decision but I hope that you will either be able to attend another of my clubs or will find a club locally that you can continue training with.




On 1st March 2018, North Dorset Karate will become 'Minami Kaigan Karate UK'. This will mean changing the club logo on this website and all the other paperwork etc. I think this will also be an ideal time to update the website and facebook page with some new Photo's.

If there are any parents/students with an interest in photography that would like to volunteer to take some club pictures, I would be most grateful. Ideally, I would like to get some pictures of students at all of the clubs, as group shots and also some action pictures. Please let me know if this is something you can help with and we will try to sort out some dates together.



So far, I have had a pretty good response from students about the new name. Some have said that it's gets them a bit tongue tied and I suppose when you say Minami Kaigan Karate UK for the first time it does. After a while and a few times practising the name it does seem to roll off the tongue quite easily. A couple of students have asked if they could just call it 'MK Karate' My answer was 'of course you can but only if you can remember the name if someone asks you what it stands for. Otherwise, you could end up getting a bit embarrassed. Hopefully one day, Minami Kaigan Karate will become as well known as North Dorset Karate is.



Dear Parents and Students,

Over the coming weeks you will see a new name appearing on emails, licence books, newsletters and various other media, including this website. As from 1st March 2018 North Dorset Karate will become 'Minami Kaigan Karate UK' The main reason for this change is because originally I only had one club, which was based in Blandford (North Dorset) and although the Blandford club is still running, I now have a further 3 clubs in the Poole area. Therefore, the original name simply does not make sense. I needed to find a name that was geographically better suited to the various clubs. The name 'Minami Kaigan Karate UK' translated into English means 'South Coast Karate UK'. As our Martial art is of Japanese origin it made sense to use a Japanese Name. I hope you all like the new name and I am confident that with this new name, the clubs will continue to grow.

You may recall that several months ago I opened a competition for all students to come up with a new name for the club. Not many students took part in this competition even though a prize was offered but those who did enter, came up with some very good names, so thank you to those who put names forward. At one of the training sessions in Blandford, a student was talking to me about new names and he happened to mention a name that I had also been considering, we both decided to look at the Japanese translation. He googled the translation and we both agreed that the name really suited what we were aiming for. So the student that wins the £50 prize is David Sareen from Blandford. Congratulations to David who can now decide if he would like to use the prize to purchase equipment or use it to cover the cost of some of his training. Well Done David and Thank you for your input!

There will be a new domain name for the club, which will be launched very soon. To access the website you will need to type www.mkkarateuk.co.uk However, I will still be keeping the old domain name so even if you type in northdorset-karate.co.uk it will still link to the website.



Minami Kaigan Karate UK was established in Blandford, Dorset in 1991. The original name was North Dorset Karate but this was changed on 1st March 2018 due to additional clubs being opened in other areas of Dorset. The translation from Japanese for the new name is South Coast Karate UK. At all of the clubs we teach the traditional stlye Martial Art known as Wado-Ryu. We have several fully qualified, highly experienced instructors who are all CRB Checked and fully insured to teach Karate to students of all ages from 6 years.

The North Dorset Karate and Minami Kaigan Karate websites was created and are monitored by Chris Lewis, founder and chief instructor.



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