2015/2016 CALENDAR
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All karate clubs will close for approximately 2 weeks over the festive period apart from the Baden Powell after School Club, which is determined by School holidays. The following list shows the last training sessions in December and the opening sessions in January 2017.

EVERYONE ACTIVE POOLE: Last session 19th December 2016. Start back 9th January 2017

PROJECT CLIMBING CENTRE: Last session 21st December. Start back 11th January 2017

BLANDFORD GYM CLUB: Last session 22nd December. Start back 12th January 2017

BADEN POWELL SCHOOL: Last session 9th December. Start back 13th January 2017



The next grading is Scheduled for Saturday 3rd December from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. This will be taking place at the Blandford Gym and Kanga club. Units 15-16 Uplands way. Heights Industrial Estate. Blandford DT11 7UZ. gradings are usually held on Sunday's but I decided that for a change we would go for a Saturday. This is mainly because there are a number of students that often have to miss out on Sunday events due to other commitment, hopefully this will help and enable them to take part in the grading if they so wish.

I will be organising another grading for February 2017 which will be an advanced grading only for Purple belts and above so if you are a higher grade and you do not quite feel ready to do this next grading you will at least have a target date for you to get ready. Also, you are more than welcome to come along to the grading in December and go through the syllabus as a practice run. We might not cover absolutely everything on your syllabus but will at least cover 90% of what you will need to do and if time allows you will possibly also be able to go through your pairs work and Kihons. The cost for the practice grading will be £5.

All students attending the grading must have a current licence, which you will need to bring with you on the day along with your grading fee. a Grading form will be emailed to all students. Please complete the form as soon as possible and either return it by email or print it out, complete it and bring it to your next training session.

Can I also please remind you that parents etc. will not be allowed in the Dojo whilst the grading is taking place because it causes too much of a distraction for all the students desperately trying to focus on their techniques. Students must arrive on time and any students arriving late will not be allowed to grade. They must also be correctly dressed in a full white, washed and pressed Karate Gi.



The Squad Training is now back up and running. The sessions are now being held at the Leaf Academy, Duck Lane. Bournemouth. These sessions are being taught by Sensei Shaun Lanham. Details of dates and times can be found on my website calendar page


WKU Spring Invitational Championships

On Sunday 1st May 4 members of North Dorset Karate travelled to Western Super-Mare for the Spring invitational championships organised by the Western Karate Union. The competition was extremely busy with a huge amount of competitors but it was very well organised. unfortunately I didn't hear when my category was called out so I had to rush off, get changed and then straight on the Tatami. No time for a run through of my kata or even a warm up but never mind, I should have listened more carefully. Helen Simpson worked really hard in her Kumite category and was unlucky enough to receive at least three heavy punches to the face but this didn't deter Helen, she kept on plodding away to get some points. I think he ropponent should have been disqualified by the third heavy strike but the referee decided to actually award a point to her opponent on the first heavy punch. not sure what happened there but the referee's decision has to be final. Dan Weiss struggled to settle into the first round of his Kumite but still gave his opponent a good run for his money. Dan settled much better in his second fight and looked far more comfortable on the Tatami. I think he enjoyed that fight. Owen Jones was up against a very big opponent in his first fight and although he planted a lovely kick round his opponets back it was right on the bell and wasn't scored. The outcome would have been quite different if that score had counted but he still managed to secure his bronze medal in that category. Owen also did really well in the veterans kata and again he received another bronze medal. I had decided that it would be worth giving competition another go after being out of the circuit for over 12 years. i did much better than I expected to and I managed to get a Silver medal in the Veterans Kata. Well done to everyone from North Dorset Karate and also well done to the junior students from ISMAA who took part.



Please note that as from January 1st 2016 there will be a slight increase to the grading fees and this will be indicated on the grading slips. This is the first increase to the cost of a grading for over 5 years.

Later this year, possibly in April, it will also be necessary for me to increase the training fees slightly. Again this will be the first increase for many years and the training fees at North Dorset Karate will still be amongst the lowest in the South.


The North Dorset Karate Club was established in Blandford, Dorset in 1991. We teach the traditional stlye Martial Art known as Wado-Ryu. We have several fully qualified, highly experienced instructors who are all CRB Checked and fully insured to teach Karate to students of all ages from 6 years.

The North Dorset Karate Club website was created and is monitored by Chris Lewis, founder and chief instructor.



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