Chris Lewis

6th Dan Chief Instructor

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist

ITEC - Diploma, Anatomy & Physiology

BTEC - Diploma, Sport & Remedial Massage

I have been heavily involved in sport since the early age of 7 years, which was my first introduction to Martial Arts. I joined my local Judo club in the midlands and trained regularly for a couple of years before moving to Dorset. I joined the Bondi Judo club in Poole but only stayed with them for about a year before I decided to try my hand at Gymnastics, trampolining and diving. I gained several medals for trampolining but couldn't afford to continue with my training. I tried several other sports but never quite felt as comfortable as I did while I was training in Judo.

In 1980 I joined the Wessex Karate club, which was based in Poole and I was hooked on the sport. I trained regularly and hardly missed a session until several years later when I had a back problem, which forced me to take time off from my training. When I eventually decided that I was ready to return to Karate I thought it would be a good time to try a different club and I found the BDH Karate club, The BDH instructor had previously been training at the Wessex karate club. I stayed at this club for a number of years until I felt ready to start my own club in Blandford in 1991 and the club has continued in Blandford ever since although we have moved venues a couple of times.